He is awesome, and never talks about himself in the 3rd person.

I have been working as a musician playing across the USofA, mainly the West side of it, since my teen years. I have played in a variety of musical situations from hard punk/thrash to folk and bluegrass. I guess the projects I got the most noteriety from was the string band Honey Buckit back in the late 90s/early aughts, and the psychobilly of Atomic Junkyard through the 2000s. Early on I got very interested in the process of recording. This led to me recording other bands, which led me to buy more stuff, which led me to doing more recordings, tldr: in about 2014, I decided to tone down my performance schedule, and officially opened Shanahan Audio to focus on making records.

Since then, I have been fairly busy recording bands and producing records, which suits me just fine and dandy. We have fun in here, and have turned out some very solid records if I say so myself.

Because I hate standing still, I also am the sound and stage manager at local venues Sam Bonds Garage and Tsunami Books.

I will get this section fleshed out and talk about how unbelievably talented I am and by name dropping famous people who I passed in a hallway once, but I have records to make right now. (Truth is, I have had the good fortune of working with some world class musicians over the years, both on stage and in the studio. I'll get this section up and going soon.)