Blue B6

Got this back in '01 or so, when Blue was making mics in Latvia and were mostly known as expert Neumann mod/repair folk.

This is a capsule that screws onto the body of an old AKG 451. They haven't made or sold this in a long time, though they do sell a 'B6' capsule for their Bottle line of mics - but this one sounds totally different. I'll admit, most of the current Blue line does not excite me very much. But this is a pretty good mic, smooth top, pretty solid low mids. Very different aesthetic than what I hear from their current lineup being made in Shanghai. It kinda does the scooped/C12 thing, not that I'd say it sounds like a C12, it doesn't. Hell, nothing does. But it does sound good on about anything you put it in front of.

I just about never use the 451 as a SDC anymore, so this capsule lives screwed onto the 451.